LoM Livestream | Episode #94 | 14 Jan 17

In this episode…

Heathendog discusses Shadowrun archetypes (i.e. Decker, Rigger, Street Samurai, and more!). In comic book news, Garthon reviews Power Man and Iron fist #12, Silk #16, and Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #4. In RNG Garthon and Heathendog take viewer comments to talk about Star Trek: The Motion Picture (and naughty, naughty people); Nintendo Switch; Avatar, and MORE!

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  • 6:40 – Heathendog goes over the Archetypes (character classes) of 1st and 2nd Edition Shadowrun. What do you think about the Decker and Rigger Archetypes as it refers to playing Shadowrun with your friends?


  • 37:50 – Power Man and Iron Fist #12 – Harlem Burns and Requiem for the Fang Gang! Do you agree with Garthon’s verdict of 4/5? Let us know below.
  • 45:30 – Silk #16 (A Clone Conspiracy Tie-in). When he gives it a 1.5/5 one must ask, “Why does Garthon keep buying this series?” Find out in this segment.
  • 55:57 – Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #4. We think Garthon still dislikes Harley Quinn, but what about this book as a whole?


  • 1:15:27 – Viewer, Cuthululaw, prompts Garthon and Heathendog to discuss Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
  • 1:20:00 – Garthon discusses the new Nintendo Switch reveal.
  • 1:28:35 – Heathendog updates an important topic he missed in his Chivalry of a Failed Knight last week… along with a history lesson on the dangers of Go.
  • 1:32:37 – Heathendog discusses his special Friday the 13th editon of his Star Trek Online stream (https://youtu.be/Q2tMm7jm2s4) – and asks for your commentary and debate.
  • 1:35:25 – Garthon announces a new Wednesday World of Tanks stream from Chinatsu “Noro” Schloe – (called Noro’s Arty Party).
  • 1:37:04 – Commentary on Pacific Rim, Avatar, and the upcoming Pacific Rim 2; Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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- Alex "Garthon" Marsh is the anchor of the Legion of Myth Weekly Livestream, and the host of Garthon's Comic Pull.