LoM Livestream | Episode #103 | 18 Mar 17 | Netflix’s Iron Fist

In this episode…

  • Heathendog opens up the show by giving you the low-down about the magical critters of Shadowrun.
  • Garthon reviews three comic books: The Amazing Spider-Man #25, Superman #19, and Uncanny Avengers #21.
  • In the RNG segment: Netflix’s Iron Fist, Nintendo Switch, and Console commentary.

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  • 8:00 – Shadowrun critters: these ain’t your common, everyday, garden variety kitties and puppies. Harpies, and unicorns, and ghouls, oh my!


  • 28:17 – The Amazing Spider-Man #25 – The Osborn Identity Begins Here! An incredible number of awful pages in this issue. (Garthon says 2/5 stars.)
  • 42:30 – Superman #19 – In the penultimate chapter of this tale the life of Superman’s son hangs in the balance—and the Man of Steel faces the truth about his life! (Garthon rates it 4/5 stars.)
  • 52:13 – Uncanny Avengers #21 – The fight to stop the Red Skull spills out of Avengers Mansion and into the streets. (Garthon gives it 4/5 stars.)
  • 1:03:10 – Marvel Universe news regarding comic books returning to the correct numbering schemes and the return of characters to their proper roles. Garthon tells us why Spider-Man needs a new creative team, and touts fun comics such as U.S.Avengers and Red Sonja.


  • 1:10:15 – Heathendog debunks the Netflix Iron Fist series’s negative reviews and commentary with a much more accurate and appropriate review/commentary.
  • 1:27:45 – Console talk with Garthon: Garthon talks about the release of the Nintendo Switch, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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