MaxLiao’s Earthdawn (4th Edition) Tabletop RPG Game

All needed resources for MaxLiao’s 4th edition Earthdawn game will be provided to the players in this thread.  This post will be updated as needed.

Dates and Times

  • Sundays @ 0900 – 1500 in the Network Cafe.


Current House Rules:

  • Only Races, Disciplines, Talents, and Spells from the Earthdawn 4th Edition Players Guide are allowed.
  • 1st Edition rules regarding Race and Discipline restrictions are implemented.
  • All points are to be spent on character attributes; none are to be saved for extra Karma.
  • No Talents rank may be more than two higher than the character’s Circle.

The Story So Far:

Current Group
Game Master MaxLiao
Dwarf Warrior Thord Battlestein
Troll Warrior Bar’tok Barkskin
T’Skrang Nethermancer Valak Zon
Elf Troubadour Nuada Strom
Human Scout Vigil

18 Feb 2018

  • Player introductions, characters created, and a mock combat session to get used to the Step System.

25 Feb 2018

  • Ork Swordmaster switched out for a Dwarf Warrior.
  • Preliminary, non-combat adventure (prelude?) to the main adventures starting on 4 March.
  • Character introductions.

The characters currently live in a very large closed kaer with a population of 5,000 – 10,000.  I had them start in a closed kaer for a few reasons:

  • Helps them start together.
  • Gives them nowhere to run.
  • I haven’t decided the era of the game:
    • Pre-1st Edition – the re-founding of the world.
    • 1st Edition – Before Cara Fahd and the war with Thera
    • 4th Edition – After the founding of Cara Fahd and the war with Thera

The Anti-Adept Movement — a radicalized group of non-Adepts who believe that all magic, even the magic used to power Discipline Talents, is the cause of the Scourge — has become more bold and brazen, or, perhaps, crazy.  No one knows who’s in charge, if anyone, and the citizenry of Kaer Staraya Peshchera are split between those who agree with the AAM and those who see Adepts as the heroes to fight back against the Scourge and Horrors.

In the course of their investigations two of the character’s parents are killed.  Helga Battlestein and Vigil’s father (unnamed?) were targeted and slain.  (The players handled these deaths very well!)  However, the two didn’t go down without a fight, as it seems three of their human attackers were found floating in the river by another patrol.

The characters’ investigations have lead to the discovery of a couple of potential names, but no specific or credible leads — (mostly because this was a background, get to know your surroundings adventure) — but they know they are now in the middle of something… extreme.  As the adventure ended the characters were summoned to the Magistrate’s office where the next adventure will start.

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4 thoughts on “MaxLiao’s Earthdawn (4th Edition) Tabletop RPG Game

  1. I like Roll20, I’m currently playing 3 games with 2 different game groups. Anyways, I’ll check in on your progress. I am interested in the games progress and the fun you have.

  2. Good luck! I happened to find this post today, Sunday Feb 18 and it brought a smile to my face. Will you be recording, streaming, or posting bullet point Game session details?

    1. To start we’re just going to play and keep a journal. Your group was the last one I’ve ever run, so I’m WAY out of practice as a GM. As time goes on we have already discussed Roll20 and I can approach the topic of recording if there’s interest… once we’re all a bit more comfortable.

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