How #ComicsGate changed my view of comics.


This is MaxLiao, and today I’m going to TYPE about something that is typically out of my scope or interest.

Two disclaimers up front:

#1: This post is mine and mine alone. (Uh, oh! What’s Max going to say?!?!?) I mention that simply so you know I’m not speaking for Garthon or his comic reviews. I don’t even know if Garthon will agree with this treatise or not.

#2 I am not a comic book nerd. (Okay, Garthon will agree with that.)

Growing up I played sports and I thought superheroes were ridiculous. When I went through my nerd conversion it was in the form of fantasy and scifi — superheroes were still stupid.

To me superheroes are like watching pro wrestling, and I grew out of wrestling just after Hulk Hogan -vs- The Ultimate Warrior in Wrestlemania Six… or whatever number it was. To me, both wrestling and superheroes are dumb, but I’m glad many of you others do get enjoyment from it.

**Enjoy your hobby and own it like I do with role-playing games!**

Thanks to — as if this writing — the 185 episodes of the LoM Weekly Livestream, and specifically, Garthon’s Comic Pull and his commentary with Heathendog, I think I’ve learned enough about comic books to realize that I still do not have a clue what’s going on, or what the interest in spandex or people who wear their underwear on the outside of their clothes is.

I mean, I own a couple of comics now (thanks to Garthon), but they are all Star Wars related. The superhero genre still boggles me, and I think it always will.

TRUE STORY: The best superhero movie of all time: Mystery Men! Even if Janeane Garofalo ruins anything she’s ever in.

With that said, I think I have finally found an interest in comics — seriously!

For the last couple of months I have been following the #ComicsGate movement. At first it was because, well, those were the videos YouTube put in my face. Quickly, I came to really enjoy the videos put out by the “ComicArtistPro Secrets” YouTube channel, which, from my perspective at the time, was mostly about Star Wars.

I had no clue who this guy was or what his relationship to comics is. I just really liked his Star Wars, Disney, and Marvel commentary.

About a month ago I happened across his YouTube livestream. On the stream were a handful of comic book artists of all just shootin’ the $#!+ in Google Hangouts. Still knowing nothing about comic books or the industry, I fell in love with the show instantly. I loved the dynamic and interaction of the hosts, the banter, the agreements and disagreements, and the genuine fun they seem to have.

Plus, I will openly admit that I agree with the general philosophy and socio-political bent of the show and the #ComicsGate movement.

Again, I speak only for myself: As long as something doesn’t change within the movement that would force me to change my mind — [such as violence, actual threats/harassment, hypocrisy (e.g. destroying someone’s career over an opinion) and et cetera] — I am a supporter of #ComicsGate.

Yes, I am aware of the Vox Day allegations. After looking into that as much as I care to, and hearing Ethan Van Scriver disavow Vox Day many times on multiple shows/platforms, I put no credence into any of those attacks. So, unless something new and provable shows up, this argument is nonsensical and debunked. I will not entertain it, no matter how right you think you may be.

To continue on here…

By watching the videos and livestreams I have admittedly found myself actually becoming interested in comics books and the comic book industry. Sure, I still find spandex superheroes silly, but there are plenty of other genres and motifs that DO capture my interest.

I am listing some of the comics below. No, I am not personally interested in *all* of them; however, there is more than one book on that list that piques my interest — and I have either backed, planned to back, or hope to purchase at some point in the future.

Could this be the start of my journey into the lifelong comic book genre? Only time will tell. 🙂

You can find all of the books below on Indiegogo ( Feel free to back one or more with your hard earned cash, or ignore them at your leisure.

  • Agenda
  • Asami – Children of Rusu
  • Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb
  • Bigfoot Bill
  • Black Forest
  • Black and White
  • Brand
  • Brutas The Badass
  • Casefile: Arkham
  • Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney
  • Detective Dead
  • Earthbound
  • Graveyard Shift
  • Lady Alchemy
  • Lonestar: Heart of the Hero
  • Stealing Solo: A Captain’s Parody
  • and MORE!

If one of more of these books interests you, I am very interested in knowing which one(s) and why. Please, comment below and have a WONDERFUL day!

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