[#19-2] – GRIM from Postmortem Studios joins us to talk about horror genre RPGs

Thank you very much to Grim for appearing on Legion of Myth’s RPG Die Gest. He was a great guest, a good sport, and a genuinely good guy.

ℹī¸ Segment #2 of the RPG DIE GEST livestream.
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0:00 Start Segment 2
1:40 Diversity Dungeons
8:46 Tales of GOR
13:11 Niche Games | Too many games?
21:00 Why Blood! 2E
25:20 Choose your Puritanism
36:41 British vs American vocabulary & pronouns
51:21 Difference between US & UK horror
58:56 Anti-Colonialism
1:09:35 Heathendog tries to bring the show back on topic 🙂


YouTube Channel:
â€ĸ https://www.youtube.com/postmortemvideo
Games, supplements, and other items of interest:
â€ĸ https://post-mort.com/
Postmortem Studios blog:
â€ĸ https://postmortemstudios.wordpress.com/


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