MUTANT: Year Zero – [PDF]
MUTANT: Genlab Alpha – [PDF]
Unleash extraordinary abilities with MUTANT: Genlab Alpha talents. Forge your path in this thrilling tabletop RPG by Free League Publishing.

Discover the remarkable MUTANT: Genlab Alpha talents that set your character apart in this gripping tabletop RPG. These unique abilities range from heightened senses and telepathic communication to extraordinary powers that defy the laws of nature. With talents that shape the outcome of every encounter, your mutant’s journey becomes an epic tale of survival and triumph. Delve into the rulebook to unleash the full potential of your character’s talents. Click the image to embark on an extraordinary adventure and secure your copy of the MUTANT: Genlab Alpha rulebook today.

Year Zero Engine Character Sheets:

How to create a MUTANT: Genlab Alpha character:

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