Coriolis: The Third Horizon [PDF]
Explore Zenithian Factions in Coriolis: The Third Horizon! Uncover politics, alliances, and secrets that shape this epic Sci-fi game.

Buckle up, RPG fans! Today we’re taking a laser-focused look at the Zenithian Factions in Coriolis: The Third Horizon by Free League Publishing. If you’ve ever been curious about the political intrigue, power plays, and faction dynamics that fuel this captivating Sci-fi RPG, you’re in for a treat. We’ll break down what makes each Zenithian Faction tick, and how it can spice up your gameplay. Loved what you heard and want to dive deeper? Click the image to buy the book and explore the Third Horizon like never before!

Coriolis: The Third Horizon Character Sheets:

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