Forbidden Lands – Core Game
A Simple Rescue – (Intro Adventure)

Discover Forbidden Lands TTRPG magic! Learn spells, overcharging and mishaps in our latest video guide.

Embark on a mystical journey through the cursed world of Forbidden Lands, where ancient magics stir and wild sorcery reigns! In this thrilling overview, we delve deep into the arcane secrets of spellcasting, unveiling how to harness the forbidden powers that permeate the lands of Ravenland. Discover the might of Path of Blood, bend the formidable forces of Path of Signs, and master the eldritch Path of Stone to become a force to reckon with. Join us as we break down each spell, artifact, and mystical tradition to elevate your gameplay to legendary heights. Click the image to grab your copy and unleash the true power of sorcery in your next Forbidden Lands adventure!


• How to Create a Character:
• Character Sheet:
• A Simple Rescue – (Introductory Adventure):

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