Rifts World Book 01: Vampire Kingdoms – Vampire Information

Rifts World Book 01: Vampire Kingdoms [PDF]
Rifts World Book 01: Vampire Kingdoms (Revised) – [PDF]
Explore the vampire lore in Rifts RPG: Vampire Kingdoms. Unveil their dark secrets in this tabletop adventure.

Dive into the dark and mysterious world of Rifts World Book 01: Vampire Kingdoms in our latest deep dive. We explore the lore of vampires in this unique setting, where post-apocalyptic Earth merges with supernatural horror and advanced technology. Discover how these bloodthirsty creatures navigate a world torn asunder by dimensional rifts, and how their kingdoms rise amidst the chaos. Uncover the secrets of their powers, their ancient rivalries, and their struggle for dominance in a world unlike any other in the Rifts universe. Click the book cover image now to grab your copy and explore the vampire-infested realms of Rifts!

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