Forbidden Lands – Core Game
A Simple Rescue – (Intro Adventure)

Master journeying and survival in Forbidden Lands RPG with our expert guide. Watch now!

Embark on a gritty adventure through the treacherous landscapes of Forbidden Lands, the acclaimed tabletop RPG by Free League Publishing. This video guide plunges into the heart of survival and exploration mechanics that set Forbidden Lands apart from other fantasy role-playing experiences. Discover how to master resource management, engage in the innovative hex-crawl system, and overcome deadly encounters that make every decision critical. Thrive in a world that challenges your strategy and resilience at every turn. Ready to claim your place in the Forbidden Lands? Click the image to grab your copy and start your journey today!


• How to Create a Character:
• Character Sheet:
• A Simple Rescue – (Introductory Adventure):

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