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Not every world is filled with advanced technology and aliens. The mystical world of Palladium is a land rich in magic, kingdoms vie for power, and everyone fights the daily struggle to survive.

Such a world is not without its own thrilling adventures. The Wolfen Empire prepares for war in the Great Northern Wilderness, while the Giant kingdom of Mount Nimro threatens nearby human, elven, and dwarven settlements. On the high seas, pirates abound, sailing to islands like the Isle of Zy and the Island of the Cyclops!

Through all of this, a host of mystical and legendary creatures will surprise and confound you. Mystics, Knights, and Barbarians call upon the gods for powers both new and arcane to bend the world to their will. And the politics of Game of Thrones, will not hold a candle to the intrigue and back stabbing found in the high courts on this world.

Do you have the stout backbone, the dragon-forged will, the deceptive guile to survive in the world of Palladium Fantasy.