Legion of Myth is an entertainment production entity that focuses on reviews and commentary of anime, comics, games, and other ‘nerd’ topics. The presentation of this entertainment is determined by:

  1. The individual host,
  2. The premise of the entertainment medium,
  3. Legion of Myth guidance, and
  4. The Terms of Service of the platform used to present the entertainment.

Legion of Myth is not an overtly socio-political organization. With that said, video game streams are unscripted sessions, and the hosts are human beings with thoughts, desires, and opinions that may bleed through into their commentary. On other occasions, and within the appropriate family friendly (FF) or not safe for work (NSFW) format, comments may be made by a host or commentator for effect, or as a reactionary emotional outburst.

Legion of Myth has never been a politically correct (PC) organization, nor have we been in the practice of censorship outside of direct personal attacks, illegal activity, or obviously excessive cussing (or bad behavior). At any moment language may be used that is contrary to your beliefs, mores, and folkways. If you find old television shows like All in the Family, Married with Children or South Park offensive, Legion of Myth may not be the channel for you.

    • Each individual host and commentator has the responsibility to comport himself in accordance with the premise, format, and production expectations of the specific medium.
      • For example, a FF format should not include vulgar language, overtly sexualized situations, or other behavior that not normally allowed or expected around appropriately aged children.
    • The premise (or format) of the medium, whether a livestream, recording, podcast, blog post, or other conveyance of commentary or review will indicate the written or inferred expectations of host behavior. FF formats are under many more restrictions than NSFW formats; however, all hosts and commentators are to remain within the scope of the media whether FF or NSFW and are to label all NSFW content appropriately.
      • For example: The Legion of Myth Weekly Livestream is a family friendly livestream that provides reviews and commentary on anime, comics, games, and other ‘nerd’ topics. It is not a platform to discuss the Trump administration, champion global warming causes, or debate race and gender issues — unless those topics are in specific and direct correlation to the anime, comic, game, or nerd topic discussed.
    • In cases where strong socio-political opinions are required (i.e. gamer-gate, net neutrality, or role-playing games lead to Satanism) a true and concerted effort to present both (or all) sides of the discussion is to be attempted.
    • Legion of Myth conducts its business by three adages:
      • Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. (Also read as: Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.)
      • Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me.  (You have the right to be protected from abuse, you do not have the right to not be offended.)
      • The spirit of the law trumps the letter of the law.
    • Legion of Myth will not tolerate:
      • Direct verbal attacks against any individual or protected group. — (Please note: that insensitive comments are not necessarily verbal attacks and will not be censored or admonished unless they rise to the level of a direct verbal attack.)
      • Physical attacks, or the solicitation of physical attacks, of any sort by or against any other real person, group or property. — (Please note: Saying, “I wish someone would kick his butt,” is not the solicitation of a physical attack. Saying, “Free Steam game to someone who kicks his butt,” is the solicitation of a physical attack.)
      • Political campaigning for, or the political character assassination of, a politician or political party.
      • Proselytizing or promoting a religion (or lack thereof). — (Indicating you belong to the Church of Odin is not proselytizing or promoting a religion. Saying, “Anyone who is deluted enough to believe in some make believe being should be committed to an asylum,” is is proselytizing or promoting a religion (or lack thereof.)
      • Mature, adult-oriented, or NSFW game play or commentary under the FF banner.
    • At some point someone in Legion of Myth will:
      • Express a Left-Wing or Right-Wing political opinion.
      • Mock countries, nationalities, and cultures — including our own.
      • Mock people, lifestyles and opinions — including our own.
      • Tell an ‘off color’ joke or anecdote, or generally say something considered insensitive.
      • Have fun with generalizations and stereotypes, even those that affect us.
      • Use language some people may find offensive.
    • Ultimately, we are responsible for complying with the ToS of whichever platform we use to produce our media. If the platform we use states, “You will not curse, ever,” then we cannot curse, or we will face the consequences. (We will also find a new platform to present our media.)
      • For example: Twitch does not allow the broadcasting of the Sakura games (e.g. Sakura Dungeon), even without the H-patch. Therefore, Legion of Myth does not stream Sakura Dungeon on Twitch.
    • When a platform states something more ambiguous, such as ‘don’t be intolerant,’ we will follow the Legion of Myth standard as indicated above until clearer guidance is provided. Intolerance is like comedy and porn: We all recognize some things as being unarguably intolerant; however, where that line begins is open to personal interpretation; and Legion of Myth sides with freedom of speech and expression over censorship and safe spaces.

If the following video is offensive to you, Legion of Myth may not be the place for you.

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