Whether you’re a YouTube subscriber or Twitch follower, or you’re a monetary backer we appreciate each and every one of you.  The main content of our livestreams is open for public consumption; it is our intent for it to always remain so.

Exclusive content is provided to monetary backers.

  1. Locals

Locals is the best place to support Legion of Myth & RPG Die Gest at this time.  We hope to provide everything we can — videos, to announcements, to conversations (and more!) — as we transition to Locals, and as Locals provides more and more features, such as exclusive livestreams.

  1. PayPal
  2. Legion of Myth YouTube channel (click Join)
  3. Streamlabs
  4. Redbubble Merchandise


For full disclosure, at this time there is not much in the way of exclusive content.  As we gain more (and more consistent) monetary backers, you have our sincere promise that we will provide more exclusive content for the monetary backers.

Exclusive content is provided on Locals and/or the Legion of Myth Discord for those who have access to the private channels. If there is ever a time when exclusive content is offered in another location it will be clearly labeled, and Locals and Discord private members will be made aware and given access.

What does exclusive content mean at this time?
  1. Higher priority to comments and suggestions.
  2. Forbidden Lands introductory adventure module.
  3. Access to full livestreams after the livestream ends.
What will exclusive content mean in the future?
  1. Exclusive livestreams — AMAs, drunk streams, backer Q&A, etc.
  2. Monthly adventure modules and scenarios.
  3. Gear & Merch coupon codes.
  4. Weekly character creation (Champions, GURPS, BESM and more!).
  5. Your suggestions may add more exclusive content.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please be sure to come by our Discord server and let us know.