Rifts Conversion Book Two: Pantheons of the Megaverse – New R.C.C.s

Rifts Conversion Book Two: Pantheons of the Megaverse – [PDF]
Discover new Racial Character Classes in Rifts Conversion Book Two! Elevate your Rifts RPG gameplay with unique R.C.C. options. Watch now!

Hey Rifts enthusiasts! Get ready for an epic dive into the new Racial Character Classes (R.C.C.) featured in Rifts Conversion Book Two by Palladium Books! Whether you’re a Glitter Boy pilot or a Ley Line Walker, these fresh R.C.C. options will take your Megaverse adventures to new heights. We’re breaking down each class, its abilities, and how they fit into your Rifts RPG campaign. Don’t miss outβ€”hit that “Like” button and click the image below to buy your copy of Rifts Conversion Book Two and start your next inter-dimensional quest today!

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